Sunday, July 2, 2017

Cinnamon: Way For Monitoring & Metrics Generation for Akka ActorSystem.

We are developing huge applications and deployed on multiple virtual machines and clusters. For monitoring applications, we need to enable logs into our application and analysis that logs with help of some tools like elastic stack.
But !! what if we need to check health of our application on virtual machines and clusters? For that, we are using several Metrics for system health check like Gauges, Histograms and more.

Lightbend Telemetry gives us one of the way for metrics generation and monitoring systems (application) by using Cinnamon plugins. Today's we look into Cinnamon for monitoring akka ActorSytem. Configuring cinnamon is not a rocket science, there are simple steps, which, we are going to define here.

The first step for using cinnamon is, we need to create and account on lightbend, from where we can download credentials and paste into our home directory(for linux users). All instructions are define in this link.

Note: For today's example, we are using sbt project, but we can easily integrate with maven and gradle as well.

>>> We need to add cinnamon plugin in our plugin.sbt file as below:

>>> Now, require to add some dependencies to add in our build.sbt:

>>> Add cinnamon configuration on application.conf as below:

There are lots of option for configure monitoring to actor system, for more information please click on this link.


My example is a simple hello world actor application, but when we run that example, in console we are seeing cinnamon metrics. The example as below:

For running the application we need to execute sbt run command as below:

As in logs, we have seeing, 4 types of metrics are there. Every metrics have its own befits and analysis. These metrics gives us a report on akka actor systems like actors count, threads count, mailbox capacity and more.

For more examples, you can check github repo.